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Marta K.’s List of Selected Transgressions

November 24, 2013

Marta K.’s List of Selected Transgressions is a short story of mine that just just got published on Litro online!

I am very excited to be featured in/on Litro Magazine. It’s a compact literary mag full of great writing and interesting topics.

Marta K. is featured in their Sunday #StorySunday series. 

I’m glad to be in such great company! 



Cripples in The Prague Revue

January 21, 2013

Shaan from The Prague Revue sent me an email that my story, Cripples, was out just when it started to rain in Bratislava. It’s not exactly the summer storm that is central to the story, but rather a disgusting, freezing snow/rain mix that will make driving hell, but still. Right about now I prefer to see it as a nice coincidence. I’ll bitch about the weather tomorrow.

(Photograph courtesy of TPR)


Čítačky / Readings

October 20, 2011

20/10/11 Modrovich vs. Štefánik

Dnes o 7 večer v bratislavskom Artfóre na Kozej sa na vás tešíme spolu s Ondrejom Štefánikom, autorom skvelej zbierky poviedok Pštrosí muž. Budeme debatovať o mojej knižke Lu & Mira a o knihách vôbec. V závere podujatia sa odohrá pästný súboj, prípadne séria pozdravov slnku, podľa všeobecnej nálady.

A reading from Lu & Mira tonight, followed by an interview with the legendary author Ondrej Stefanik. 7pm, Artforum Bookstore, Bratislava, Slovakia

21/10/11 Protimluv Fest

Teším sa na Protimluv Fest v Ostrave, na ktorom čítam spolu s Hnátom Daněkom, Jasonom Mashakom a Bobom Hýskom, a Annou Amadinou. O 18:00 vo Fidúcii!

I’m looking forward to reading at the Protimluv Festival in Ostrava, Czech Republic, together with Hnát Daněk, Jason Mashak & Bob Hýsek and Anna Amadina. 6pm in Fiducia!

The Book / Kniha

September 7, 2011

web by Pepe, thank you thank you thank you!

kúpite/available here/tu

krst / launch

Reading at KGB

April 14, 2011

An Anderbo reading with a fantastic line-up coming up at the legendary KGB.

April 27: Hope to see you there!

Not for Tourists

February 1, 2011

I’m risking to become the subject of one of this week’s TNY cartoons in which a lawyer tells his client, a prisoner, that if it’s any help, his sentence was the most e-mailed story of the week, but here I go.

Bushwick Daily is a lovely blog written (and photographed) by the lovely Katarina, a girl in love with her step-neighborhood and its inhabitants. For a healthy dose of that less polished/more daring yet already hip Brooklyn, all you need to do is check out her website. She’ll let you know where to get a great espresso, what local bands to follow and which exhibitions to see. Even better: she’ll get you acquainted with Bushwick residents, the young crowd that decided for Bushwick not only because it’s cheaper but because it rocks, because they believe the energy of the place has not yet become jaded.

Both Katarina and I (and probably most of the people featured on her blog) are newcomers to New York, immigrants. And some of us, before we really allow the kick of the city to overthrow the fear, we armor ourselves with that – to a certain point – faked jadedness. An older story of mine, Immigrante Nouveau, is precisely about that. It came out a couple of years ago on a beloved Slovak zine that, meanwhile, had vanished.
It is now posted on Bushwick Daily as Sunday Read, a category open for submissions from y’all!
And to conclude with my small-prisoner’s glory, it got retweeted by the Not For Tourists Guide. (I know, I know, but they do have a massive following and it makes me feel a little warmer inside).

Kinglux mag

November 26, 2010

The first issue of the new fabulous British magazine Kinglux is finally here! I’m very proud to have a short story in it.
Numero Uno is all Ballardian and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

Ya’ll lucky London-ers will be able to get your copy here:

Thank you Lili and Tony, you guys rock.

Poviedka 2010

November 26, 2010

I’m very happy to have made it into the Anthology of the best Slovak short stories 2010!
The competition, basically the one and only in my country, is an excellent starting point for emerging writers.

Teším sa, že som sa dostala medzi desiatich premiantov (toto slovo som vždy chcela použiť – dúfam, že je ešte legitímne) súťaže Poviedka 2010 a ak boh dá, všetkých desať prác si už čoskoro prečítate v rovnomennom zborníku. Súťaž odporúčam všetkým začínajúcim, mierne pokročilým aj pokročilým autorom krátkych próz.

This is the official list of the ten awarded finalists who will be featured in the anthology book / Oficiálne výsledky a mená premiantov (2.X!).

Flowers in 3:AM Magazine

October 5, 2010

New story out

March 17, 2010

The House, a new short story of mine, featured on Anderbo.

The house stood next to the belfry where it had always stood; it just seemed smaller, and the pink was more of a pinkish-grey now, dissolving with every flake of the coat peeling off. Yes, it was the kind of winter that exists only in St. Pavol in January—all the bookish heaving, crisping and freezing was happening in real time here.

The huge red gate, the huge gate key, and more keys—to the yard, the kitchen, the back room. I think of my grandfather as a boy; surely he didn’t have to unlock three doors when he was herding the oxen out of the gate with his father. No, there used to be a simple bolt, even I remember using it. That was before we got robbed.

Grandma’s painting got stolen then; the one with the poppies that I never noticed, and then suddenly missed when it was gone. The gypsies did it, people had said. And after that they added quickly, as always when the gypsies were mentioned, not the good onesthe bad ones. One more inevitable sentence would follow: If Betka hadn’t sold the first house to the gypsies back then, we could’ve lived in peace….

read more here: