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Not for Tourists

February 1, 2011

I’m risking to become the subject of one of this week’s TNY cartoons in which a lawyer tells his client, a prisoner, that if it’s any help, his sentence was the most e-mailed story of the week, but here I go.

Bushwick Daily is a lovely blog written (and photographed) by the lovely Katarina, a girl in love with her step-neighborhood and its inhabitants. For a healthy dose of that less polished/more daring yet already hip Brooklyn, all you need to do is check out her website. She’ll let you know where to get a great espresso, what local bands to follow and which exhibitions to see. Even better: she’ll get you acquainted with Bushwick residents, the young crowd that decided for Bushwick not only because it’s cheaper but because it rocks, because they believe the energy of the place has not yet become jaded.

Both Katarina and I (and probably most of the people featured on her blog) are newcomers to New York, immigrants. And some of us, before we really allow the kick of the city to overthrow the fear, we armor ourselves with that – to a certain point – faked jadedness. An older story of mine, Immigrante Nouveau, is precisely about that. It came out a couple of years ago on a beloved Slovak zine that, meanwhile, had vanished.
It is now posted on Bushwick Daily as Sunday Read, a category open for submissions from y’all!
And to conclude with my small-prisoner’s glory, it got retweeted by the Not For Tourists Guide. (I know, I know, but they do have a massive following and it makes me feel a little warmer inside).